The Global Fringe

Build Bridges Not Walls with Jon Huckins

April 21, 2020

There’s a big difference between peacemaking and peacekeeping. Peacekeeping starts with relationship and is a proactive movement toward conflict that disrupts pseudo-peace. It’s an opportunity for transformation that requires that we say hard things within shared life together. In a country that’s incredibly divided and where Christians are some of the most divisive voices, Jon Huckins, co-founder of The Global Immersion Project, believes that there’s a better way forward by building bridges, not walls. With compelling vision, he invites us to lead with curiosity more than criticism so we can be more connected. Jon shares how he’s confronting patriarchy and white male privilege with compassionate courage. He offers three practical steps for when/how/if to engage the divisive communities and people who have hurt us through marginalizing the “other”.


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